Monetize Owned or Leased Bank Guarantees     

We can monetize your owned instruments minimum $10 million. Here we need you must be able to deliver instrument to the lender by SWIFT, DTC, or DTCC, LTV 55% - 100% depending upon the bank upon which it is drawn.

We only look for Verifiable Bank Instruments please. Any instrument that can be verify and transferred as SWIFT could be OK. Here is the procedure:

Client Information Sheet (CIS) must be completed and forwarded with Applicant’s Passport Copy, Screen Shot of the Instrument (front and back) and other required documents.

The lender will contacts you (if you pass the compliance) within 24-48 hours to discuss the monetization and tell you the particulars of the transaction Lender will forward a contract to you

If you approve of the terms of the contract, return the signed copy to the lender and instruct your bank to SWIFT the instrument to the lender bank (will give Swift’s Details).

Lender will verify the instrument
Funding usually occurs in 15 to 20 days
Instruments that can be delivered as DTC or DTCC can be funded in 24 hours.
So please remember, we can Issue, Monetize & PPP,
But the monetization should pass our test unless we issued it.

The basic questions are:
1. Who issued the instrument?
2. What is the amount of the instrument?
3. Are the instruments leased or owned?
4. Does the client want a loan against the instrument or are they interested in selling the instruments?
5. What is the use of funds?
6. Are you direct to the client?
7. What country is your client located in?